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Hi! I'm Gabriella, a 21 year old from Orlando, FL

My very first experience with photography started when my mom gave me a red Nikon DSLR for Christmas. Then came middle school yearbook which inspired me to join in high school (Go Legend Yearbook!) There, photography quickly became my life and I became a finalist for the Florida Scholastic Press Association's Photojournalist of the Year in my senior year.


My roots are in photojournalism and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I am currently a senior at the Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in Photographic Sciences- a new adventure where I am learning a variety of technical aspects of photography such as: drone, underwater, high speed photography and microscope photography as well as learning skills such as digital image processing, programming, 3D printing, optics, photographic instrumentation as well as minors in Italian language and Business Administration.

Outside of photography, I love being active. I ran the social media and am currently captain of RIT Cheer's nationally ranked D3 Advanced Coed Competitive Cheer Team where we were runner up national champions at the NCA National Championship in 2022. I love scuba diving, hiking, finding waterfalls, jumping around at trampoline parks and surfing - nature is my happy place.

I am currently searching for a full time job or internship starting fall 2024 in the Photographic Sciences industry. I would love to work with high speed photography, drones, underwater photography, optics, social media/marketing, image analyzation or anything that blends science and photography!

Check out my resume, email me and hit me up on the insta!

Pisa DSLR EDITED 7-13-22-1634.jpg
NCA Nationals Trophy on Daytona Beach 4-8-22-0280_Original.jpg
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