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"wonderlands from above"

     Similar to my "dreamscapes" concept below, my "wonderland" images aim to portray landscapes only dreamed about except this time, I used color manipulation to create an even more other worldly feel. I wanted all of the images to seem like they were from another planet, but the same planet which is why I processed them to be pink and teal. I hope my audience feels like they are viewing images from a new world.

     These images were shot on my DJI Mavic Air drone throughout the Upstate New York area. The images were shot for perspective shifts and the panoramic images were created using Adobe Lightroom Classic. The original images can also be viewed here.


April 2021 Rochester Institute of Technology

"dream scapes"

     Upstate New York is completely new to me; I have only seen it through research, Instagram posts and in my dreams of waterfalls and vineyards. So, I decided to capture the places I dreamed of going. To show how they were the landscapes I dreamed of, or my “dreamscapes”, I chose to shoot myself as the subject with my comforter taken from my bed. This way, the images look like I was transported to my dreamscapes through a dream all while staying in bed.

     I shoot the images on my DSLR camera using a tripod and also on my DJI Mavic Air drone. To me, these locations represent how I have broken away from my home state and from the path that so many others at my high school chose to follow. I chose to get out of my comfort zone. These pictures reflect my love for the unknown and my ambition to find adventure.

     I expect my audience to be intrigued by the different landscapes and to look at the work like they are peeking into my dreams. I do not want them to imagine me hiking through the mud at five am with the white comforter strapped to my back trying not to get it dirty before arriving at the locations. I want my audience to imagine me teleporting to the different dreamy locations and I want my audience to be inspired to live out their own dreams as well.

November 2020 Rochester Institute of Technology

"purple paradox"

     My idea for this shoot was to use on location flash lighting, specific color processing, unusual angles paired with an out of place outfit to create an other worldly mood. To achieve this idea, I processed my images changing the hues of the purples and greens and put my model in business/ lawyer/ worker clothing in an unnatural businesswear color - purple. I shoot at “weird”, uncommon, interesting angles (such as birds eye and worm eye) to give an interesting perspective only seen in this Alice in Wonderland world or as I am calling it: a “Purple Paradox”. The most convincing technique, however, is the use of flash. In the natural world, businesswomen are not illuminated perfectly by lighting. In my pictures, my gorgeous model Sophie stands out in her environment and takes center stage, making her the main character.

     Lighting setup: Prophoto B1 kit, pocket wizard, aux cord, lighting stands, sandbags


March 2021 Rochester Institute of Technology

"an invasive species"

     The first part of my portfolio takes an environmental stance as I depict the victims of plastic pollution, pollution, global warming, oil spills and their impacts on the youth. I combine the past with the future recreating classic works of art but set in the future where resources are depleted. 

     I wanted to create my environmental pieces because I love experiencing nature whenever possible- it's my happy place and I want it to stay that way. I want people to worry about their futures, but more importantly to worry about the present and creating real change now.

    My pieces focus on showing the worst and best parts of human nature. But in all of them, I tried to create unique points of view.