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The Photographic Sciences Class of 2024 Senior Capstone Project
"Thermal Threat Detector"


The Bachelors of Science Photographic Science students at RIT work on a year long collaborative project assigned by the faculty.


For my senior year, we created a system capable of thermal imaging as we were tasked to create an imaging device that can enter a room, detect a threat, capture and send thermal images back to the user in another room. We achieved this by fusing an autonomous vehicle with three thermal cameras and programmed software that allows us to view 180 degrees inside the room. At our exhibit at Imagine RIT 2024, visitors saw our thermal threat detector in action as we gave live demonstrations of the vehicle's capabilities. 

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Fall Preliminary Design Review Presentation

Spring Critical Design Review Presentation

Gantt Chart Schedule

The team split into hardware and software teams, using the fall semester to research and plan and the spring semester to build and integrate. I worked on the software team as well as designed the poster and created the video overview. My main focus was on calibrating the three FLIR Lepton cameras. I captured data using a black body radiator, troubleshooted over and over again and finally successfully built code to calibrate images. Below an example of images that were calibrated, an explanation of the process of calibrating images and my code used to achieve this.


Code to Calibrate Images
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Code to Calibrate and Remove Axis
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User Manual

Technical Manual

Research Paper

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